10 foods to maintain gall bladder health

A tiny pouch-like organ, the gallbladder is situated right behind the liver. It helps in the storage and release of bile produced by the liver, it is important to regulate fat metabolism also. When the gallbladder fails to perform its function it leads to conditions such as gallstones. To ensure a healthy gallbladder, one needs to monitor what he/she eats. Along with eating the right foods, it is also vital to avoid certain foods to reduce their harmful effects on the gallbladder.

10 super foods that work beyond measure to keep the gall bladder healthy:

  1. Beetroot

    Beetroot is a unique food that exerts pure magic on the gallbladder. They are a rich source of phosphorous, protein, fibre, zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper, potassium, vitamins A, B6 and C, iron and calcium. All these nutrients help the liver to produce healthy bile and to maintain the gallbladder’s overall health. As an added bonus, the nitrates in the beetroots convert into nitric oxide in the body and help reduce blood pressure.
  2. Cranberries

    Cranberries help to resolve gallbladder problems. The malic acid present in cranberries helps to discontinue the stagnation of bile. It also helps to break down bile stones if present, which is formed due to the solidification of the stagnant bile.
  3. Radishes

    Any type of radish – daikon, black, or white, are good detoxifiers of the liver as well the gallbladder. They contain folate, sulphur, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and C, and small amounts of phosphorous, calcium and iron making them antispasmodic, diuretic and astringent in nature. Due to these nutrients, radish is, in fact, considered to be a choleretic – food that relaxes the bile ducts ensuring smooth flow of the bile.
  4. Dandelion greens

    Dandelion greens (frequently used in dandelion teas) belong to the group of cholagogues – herbs that promote bile discharge. They contain flavonoids that purify blood and increase urination. Their rich source of potassium flushes out the toxins and maintains the balance of minerals in the liver and gall bladder and balance of bacterial flora in the intestines.
  5. Nuts and seeds

    Nuts and seeds work miracles not just on the gallbladder but for the entire body. They are a powerhouse of proteins, unsaturated fats, fibre, potassium and magnesium which work together to reduce inflammation, especially of the gallbladder. Sprouting seeds like flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds and pre-soaking nuts like almonds and walnuts before eating them (as it neutralises their enzymes and allows easy digestion) is extremely beneficial. However, the consumption of nuts and seeds must be moderated (not more than 2 spoons each day).
  6. Fresh fruits and vegetables

    Increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily diet is a marvelous way to keep the gallbladder healthy. Including raw, natural foods in the diet, every day helps in lowering the probability of gallbladder stones. Additionally, fruits and vegetables are rich sources of natural antioxidants, fibres, electrolytes, minerals, and water and yet they are low in fats as well as salts. Fresh fruits and vegetables flush out the toxins from the gallbladder and diminish the chances of occurrence of gallbladder stones to the bare minimum.
  7. Legumes and beans

    Legumes and beans, especially when eaten sprouted (as they increase their protein quotient and make them easier to digest), are a great source of dietary fibre, proteins, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. They ease the digestive system by breaking down the gluten, help in keeping the colon clean and significantly decrease the risk of gallbladder stones.
  8. Egg yolks

    Along with the good fats, egg yolks contain lecithin and choline that keep the risk of the occurrence of gallbladder stones at bay. Their partially cooked form is the best way to consume them for the gallbladder’s benefit.
  9. Poultry, lean meats, and fish

    Gall bladder stones are formed due to the hardening of the cholesterol in the bile. Protein-rich foods like chicken, lean meats and fish can counteract the effects of cholesterol-rich foods thereby relieving the stress on the gallbladder by flushing out all its toxins.
  10. Coconut oil

    Oils like coconut oil contain good fats – fats that the body requires every day to remain healthy. It is rich in medium-chained fatty acids, which is a basic requirement to keep the gallbladder in a good shape and to maintain the body’s overall health. Certain oils like coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil also have anti-inflammatory properties, which further aid to maintain a healthy gallbladder.

6 easy ways to ensure gallbladder health:

  1. Keep clear of fatty substances like fried, processed foods, red meats, etc.
  2. Avoiding fasting or skipping meals
  3. Regularising meal timings
  4. Losing weight (if necessary), but gradually
  5. Maintaining a healthy body weight
  6. Exercising for at least 30 min every day

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