HAIR TRANSPLANT: Procedure and Cost

Hair transplant is a surgical method to cure permanent hair loss. Cost of hair transplant varies from person to person, depending on the bald area to be covered. You can get here a rough idea of your hair transplant surgery.


Hair transplantation is generally used to cure male pattern baldness. Baldness is rarely a problem seen in females but if there is any, hair transplantation is a solution for them also. This technique can also be used for eyelashes, eyebrows and beard as well. Hair transplantation is also used in cases of very thin hair or extensive hair fall.


Baldness is a thing that nobody wants, but the nature had made such a system that we inherit many things from our biological parents through genes. Baldness is one of them. If not genetic, reason for baldness could be the hormonal disorder, long term severe illness, use of hard chemicals, too tight hairstyles and stress. Generally in females major reason for thin hair or extensive hair fall is hormonal disorder.


A plant cannot grow without a seed, just like that Hair cannot grow without hair follicles, if there is no hair follicle, no oil or medicine can grow a hair. Permanent hair loss is that when your hair fall along with the hair follicle. Hair transplant surgery is a technique for the areas that lack hair follicles. If you are dealing with hair thinning or excess hair fall and started treatment on time then only, medicines might help you. There are a few drugs which can prevent hair fall. Sometimes certain drugs are also prescribed after the hair transplant surgery, so that it can stimulate the hair growth. When it’s too late i.e., if you are dealing with baldness, hair transplant is the only option for you. This technique will implant the hair follicles in your bald area and the hair will grow from these follicles. It is a surgical method off course because it involves the surgically removing of skin along with hair follicles and transplanting it to the area of treatment.


Hair transplantation is a technique in which a cosmetic surgeon implants the hair follicles removed from a part of body (donor site) to the area of baldness. Harvesting is done in two ways, one is strip harvesting method also known as follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) in which a strip of skin along with hair follicles is removed from the donor site. Generally the donor site is the back of the head. After removal of the strip the cut is closed and hidden by the surrounding hairs. and the other is follicular unit transplantation(FUT), in which follicular units of four to ten hair follicles are removed and transplanted. The follicular units are transplanted in such a way that it resemble the natural orientation of the hairs. After the surgery in starting ten days the transplanted hairs may fall off and within two to three months new hairs will grow up.


The cost of this technique depends on the number of follicles to be harvested, so the cost varies from person to person. Generally hair transplant cost starts with rs.40000 for 1000 follicles transplantation. If you have only a small bald part, it will cost much less. Harvesting a few grafts will be obviously less costly than harvesting on entire scalp. A follicular unit or graft contains approximately 1-5 hairs. FUT is more expensive than FUSS. in one session of FUSS maximum 5000 grafts can be transplanted and in FUT, 2000 grafts i.e. 4000 hair follicles can be transplanted in 6-8 hrs. Generally doctors transplant 40 to 60 grafts per cm square on the hair line, depending on the availability of the grafts, and behind the hairline 40 grafts per cm square. If you want to have an idea of the expenses of your hair transplant you may opt for hair graft calculator, available online, but the estimation may vary according to size of head and availability of grafts. To have a better cost estimation you should go to a cosmetic surgeon or a  hair transplant clinic.

Hair transplant is an expensive procedure, but when it comes to your appearance in your surroundings, expenditure of a few bucks is not a big deal.

Most of the medical insurance do not cover hair transplant surgery. But there are a few clinics which provide the facility to pay through EMI. Since, it is a costly method, You can also get help with the bill of the hair transplant surgery. You can pay it through affordable EMI’s. Letsmd is a boon to those who want to have a surgery or treatment but don’t have the whole required amount at the moment. Letsmd helps you pay bills via EMI’s at zero percent interest. for more details you can talk to our executives, call 9205987553/2 or follow the link for a chat. .


Hair transplant is generally safe but sometimes it might end up with infection, bleeding, bumps on scalp and scarring. So you should always go for the specially trained certified surgeon. Other problems like itching, swelling, pain and numbness will go off with time.


After the surgery a few medications are prescribed to deal with pain and to protect from infections. Pain medications, anti inflammatory and antibiotics are prescribed for a long time after the surgery. Sometimes a few drugs to stimulate hair growth are also prescribed.


Que1. What is the success rate of a hair transplant?
Ans- A Hair transplant is known to more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration product.
Que2. Is hair transplant permanent?
Ans- Yes, the majority of the hair transplant is permanent, in some cases, it can thin down to some extent.
Que3. Is a hair transplant worth it?
Ans- Some patients might not find it ideal as hair transplant needs a longer duration to recover and requires anaesthesia.
Que4. Do hair transplants look natural?
Ans- Yes, hair transplant can look very natural nut only when it is done properly by the right surgeon
Que5. Which age is best for hair transplant?
Ans- People above 25 years of age can opt for hair transplant
Que6. Can I go to the gym after a hair transplant?
Ans- Any kind of exercise must be avoided for the first week and in later days even if you do, practice light exercise.
Que7. Does sun affect hair transplant?
Ans- Avoid the sun as much as possible as it can cause visible scars in the transplanted hair-skin
Que8. What diet should be taken after a hair transplant?
Ans- Follow a vitamin B rich diet, try to add banana, avocado, chicken red meat, nuts and eggs

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