6-Simple Tips For A Safe And Healthy Diwali [2018] LetsMD

Diwali is a festival of lights, joy, hopes and prosperity. For many of us diwali is synonymous to fire crackers. This is the time to celebrate festivals with the feeling of togetherness and responsibility. Festive season has arrived,  but stay careful about your health and that of your near and dear ones.

Remember these 6 tips to have a safe and happy diwali this year.

1.Think Before You Pollute

Say no to crackers, as they make city a gas chamber filled with dangerous gases. They cause air pollution and noise pollution as well. Firecrackers release hazardous pollutants, which cause many respiratory problems.

The loud noise and flashes give severe anxiety attack to animals.   Remember what you see every year the next day of diwali, roads littered with waste of crackers, and reduced visibility of the city due to increased pollution.

Remember that you also have to breath in the same polluted air which you are creating on your own.

2. Go for Pollution Free Crackers

However there are no such crackers that are pollution free, but if you are a cracker lover, there are options for you  to go for the crackers that create less pollutions as compared to others, also known as green crackers.

Wear well fitted cotton clothes while bursting crackers and follow every precautions to avoid any accident.

3. Take Care of Children, Patients and Old People in House

Lots of smoke caused by diwali crackers can cause serious health issues in children and old people. It can worsen the condition of patients. Guide kids while they burst crackers. Old people and patients should stay away from smoke. Keep doors and curtains of the house shut. If there is an patient or old person in house, try  to use an air purifier in house.

4. Precautions for Asthma and Bronchitis Patients

Stay away from smoke caused by firecrackers, burning of garbage, rubber etc. avoid constipation causing foods, eat more salads and fruits. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid hyperacidity.

Keeps asthma pump always near.

In case of any severe symptom like, cough, wheezing, breathlessness etc., go to your nearest medical care center.

It is better for patients to wear a face mask on diwali.

5. Eat Carefully

Diwali celebration include, lots of sweets, drinks and good foods. In festive season specially, lots of food items are being adulterated. Try to eat home made sweets and foods or buy from a good and trustworthy shop. You don’t need to say no to your favourite dishes, after all it’s diwali. Just try to eat less junk food and drink enough water.

6. Don’t Miss Your Workout Routine

It’s festive season but that does not mean that you will avoid your health. It will take only 1 or 2 hours. Continue with your workout routine as you don’t want to miss your favourite dishes. And to keep yourself fit in spite of eating some junk, do some workout.


Que 1.Why should we avoid bursting crackers?

Ans-Bursting crackers release harmful gases in the air like nitrous oxide that can remain in the air for a long time and is very harmful to asthma patients

Que 2. What is a green Diwali?

Ans-Green Diwali is a way of celebrating the festival of lights in an environmentally friendly way.

Que 3. Why are crackers bad for us?

Ans- Crackers are injurious to health; it causes air pollution and noise pollution and can cause severe damage to children and elderly people’s health.

Que 4.Which chemicals are used in crackers?

Ans-The chemicals used for crackers are sulphur, potassium nitrate, aluminium powder, barium nitrate and strontium nitrate.

Que 5. How can we stay safe in Diwali?

Ans-Wear cotton clothes and don’t roam around in bare feet; always keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Que 6. How can we make Diwali eco friendly?

Ans-Try to recycle your home décor, make a rangoli with natural colours, use old diyas and LED lights instead of candles and notch-up your crockery

Que 7. Can we burn crackers in Delhi?

Ans-In the year 2018 the Supreme court allowed the residents of Delhi to burst crackers for a maximum of two hours.

Que 8. Are crackers banned in India?

Ans-no, crackers are easily available all across India.

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