What are the Benefits of IVF?


If IVF ever had a voice, it would have told, “It’s all going to be ok in the end.” And it sure does give you that positive feeling.

IVF has given the benefit to a million couples over the years to be able to bring the joy of a child into their lives. It provides an opportunity to infertile couples, couples with genetic complications, and also couples of the same gender to conceive a child of their own. IVF procedure might take more than one attempt but it promises a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby for the couple who desires a child.

Procedure of IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a 4-step process which involves-

  1.  Ovulation induction: It is the process of simulating the ovary to produce and release eggs.
  2.  Egg retrieval: After inducing the injection, the egg retrieval process is scheduled for the next 36 hours.In simple words, eggs are collected in this step. This procedure might take 30 minutes, where all the ovarian fluid is collected and then sent to the lab to find the eggs.
  3.  Fertilization in a laboratory: Once the eggs are fetched from the ovarian fluid, the fertilization process is initiated in the laboratory.Eggs are then allowed to fertilize with the sperm in a liquid medium.
  4.  Embryo transfer to the mother’s uterus: The zygote or fertilized egg is cultivated for 2-6 days.When the embryo is fully developed, it is transferred to the mother’s embryo to initiate a successful pregnancy.

For every couple who are having trouble to conceive, IVF is a beneficial, effective, and safe treatment.

It does not end here, the benefits of IVF are not limited to infertile couples; rather it also benefits other couples with genetic complication/condition.

Benefits of IVF-

  • Decreases the chances of miscarriage: IVF is designed to provide benefits for every individual. It lowers the chances of miscarriage;
    • during the IVF procedure, experts make sure that there is a proper selection of the healthy eggs and sperms so that there is a high possibility of producing a healthy embryo,
    • thus increasing the chances of pregnancy.
  • Donated eggs or sperm can be used: In many cases, there arises a need for donor sperm or eggs; IVF is the best medical treatment in such cases.
    • The patient benefits with the addition of a good/healthy sperm or eggs and at the same time can carry forward a pregnancy where chances of fertilization will be high.
  • Can be used during a surrogacy: IVF can be used during surrogacy.
    • Especially for a woman whose body does not support to carry a baby for 9 months, one who had multiple miscarriages, and also thyroid patients (low-level thyroid).
    • IVF along with surrogacy increases the option of having a child of their own. In short, IVF benefits all.
  •  Egg freezing: Mature oocyte cryopreservation or egg freezing is a technique used to reserve a woman’s ability to get pregnant in future.
    • This can include women of all age.
    • She can be a woman in her 20s, who has had a cycle of premature decrease,
    • one who is about to undergo a series of treatment to treat her cancer or a woman in her 30s who is not planning to start a family at present.
    • Egg freezing benefits everyone in all such situations.
    • Egg freezing is also the first step in IVF, where eggs or sperms are harvested and selected.
  • Ability to select healthier embryos: IVF allows for pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). PGS is the genetic profiling of embryos before the fertilization process.
    • With the help of this process effective screening of the embryo is carried out, dismissing the chances of passing on a chromosomal disorder or genetic abnormalities to their child.
    • Thus, keeps the worries of a couple about complications during pregnancy at bay and offers the benefit of good health for both the mother and the baby.
  • Giving hope to couples: Infertility can be due to many factors like a pre-mature ovarian failure, impaired sperm count/function, uterine fibroids etc.

IVF treatment surpasses all such complications and assures the chances of conceiving.

It provides the option for early intervention and provides hope to couples, rescuing them from all hurdles of infertility. IVF can be regarded as a boon to couples who have been yearning for their child. In this entire process patience remains the key factor, as a couple might not have a successful pregnancy for the first time,

they may require to undergo a couple of IVF cycle and after few trials and tests the success rate of conceiving increases. In the year 1978, in Manchester, England, the first test-tube baby was born through IVF procedure.

Since then there has been a huge improvement in technology in the medical field. From medical equipment to medical procedures, everything has been evolving, thus making the entire procedure easy and successful.

Man-made technology is creating wonders for mankind and IVF is one such example. IVF is a blessing in disguise for many couples. And if you have been yearning for a long time to hold your baby, cuddle him/her to sleep and hear its giggle, believe us, IVF will make your wish a reality.

So, are you ready to start your journey towards parenthood?

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Que1. Can you choose gender with IVF?

Ans- Yes, IVF can help to choose the gender as it can be genetically biopsied with PGD (pre-implementation genetic diagnosis)

Que2. Are IVF babies twins?

Ans- IVF increases the chances of twins and the babies are mainly monozygotic twins

Que3. Can IVF babies be delivered naturally?

Ans-There are low chances of IVF babies getting delivered naturally.

Que4.How many eggs are needed for IVF?

Ans- On an average IVF requires 10-20 eggs for treatment.

Que5.How long do you have injections for IVF?

Ans- The duration entirely depends on the IVF procedure, normally patients receive an injection for 10 to 8 days.

Que6. What should I avoid during IVF?

Ans- Switch to a healthy diet and avoid red meat, refined grains, sugar and highly processed foods

Que7. Can you drink coffee while doing IVF?

Ans-Drinking too much of coffee can prove to be bad for someone who wants to opt for IVF

Que8. How can a woman increase her egg naturally?

Ans- Changes in the diet can contribute to increasing the egg naturally, try to include bigger breakfast, avoid trans fats and carbs and choose high-fat diary.

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