Will the Surrogacy Bill finally make surrogacy a safe process in India?

Be it Bollywood stars like Karan Johar or Hollywood biggies like Kim Kardashian, surrogacy has become very popular amongst couples nowadays.  India has become a growing and booming hub of surrogacy. The lower rates that the country affords and the amount of population has since quite some time made the country a favourite destination for not just the people of the country but the ones from outside too, who dream of ending their spell of infertility through the surrogacy process. But with this surge came a whole gamut of problems that had no legal solutions to it. Be it the cases of surrogate mothers refusing to give up the babies, the exploitation of surrogate mothers by agents, or even abandoning of unwanted surrogate babies. All of these major issues had no legal recourse to deal with it.

What is the bill about?

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill aims towards regulating surrogacy in the country, at the central level and in the states and the Union territories.

What will the bill do?

Once the Bill is brought into effect by the Parliament, the National Surrogacy Board will be formed. Similarly states boards will be formed within three months of the notification by the central government. This will work towards regulating surrogacy as a practice and will bring down the number of unethical practices in surrogacy, prevent commercial surrogacy including sale and purchase of human embryo and gametes.

Who will benefit from this?

Infertile couples who want to go through the process ethically will benefit from the bill.

This Bill, for now, excludes foreign nationals from its ambit. But while keeping them out of purview, it is recommended that a very strong background check should be done for NRIs, PIOs and OCIs.


Que1. Can a single woman go for IVF in India?

Ans- Yes, several centres in Delhi offers treatment options for single women who dream to have a child.

Que2.What is the selection panel in Rajya Subha?

Ans- A select committee consists of a small panel in the parliament who is appointed to deal with particular areas or issues.

Que3. What surrogacy means?

Ans- Surrogacy consists of an arrangement supported by a legal agreement where a woman agrees to bear the child of another person.

Que4.How does surrogacy affect the child?

Ans- Surrogacy does not carry gestational link and also has no genetic link to the surrogate.

Que5. How safe is surrogacy?

Ans- Surrogacy is a safe procedure but at times the surrogate may face certain emotional upheaval.

Que6. What rights does a surrogate mother have?

Ans- A surrogate mother as no parental right over the newborn child.

Que7.Which country is best for surrogacy?

Ans- US, India, Ukraine, Russia, Nepal, Mexico, and Poland to name a few are countries that allow surrogacy arrangements

Que8.Why is surrogacy needed?

Ans- Conditions that make pregnancy impossible such as heart disease, medical problems with the uterus, single woman or a person who had a hysterectomy that removed the uterus.


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